Lower part of bridge with aluminum bridge decking

Our Aluminum Structures

Custom marinas, boat docks, pedestrian bridges, bridge decking, work platforms and other aluminum structures. Designed and built in Canada by our engineers.

Pedestrian Bridges

Our fully customizable pedestrian bridges and bridge kits not only serve their purpose but also distinctively enrich the landscape.

Designs that enrich the landscape

We offer fully customizable pedestrian bridges, creating distinctive structures that not only serve their purpose but also blend in with their surroundings.

Ready now

Our MakeABridge® weld-free aluminum pedestrian bridge system can be delivered 4 to 8 times faster than conventional welded bridges. We use off-the-shelf components ready to be shipped pre-assembled or in bundles on standard-size trailers. What's more, a typical MakeABridge 30 ft footbridge assembles in about 5 hours.

Aluminum experts

Since 2005, MAADI Group has specialized in structural design and building using hard-wearing aluminum. We handle the design and construction of your structure from start to finish.

Long-term savings

Our aluminum structures are virtually maintenance-free and highly cost-effective compared with steel when total cost of ownership (TCO) is considered.

Why Aluminum
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