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MAADI Group delivers turnkey solutions for your aluminum structural needs: engineering, design, fabrication, installation, and inspection.

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Our first priority is to make sure that your vision and needs are top of mind as we work alongside you and your team.


At MAADI Group, we do not compromise on safety. That’s why our professional engineers use advanced technologies like CAD and 3D modeling to optimize the solidity and stability of your structures.

MAADI Group engineer using computer for 3D modeling

Analysis and evaluation services

Codes and standards

Technical drawings for aluminum bridges


At MAADI Group, we have in-house design engineers and R&D engineers to help bring your custom aluminum structure to fruition. Our team of experienced designers and draftsmen uses 2D and 3D software that can be adapted to your needs.

Design and engineering services


With MAADI Group, there’s no need to look for a separate manufacturing firm to build our custom designs. We manufacture all our aluminum marinas, bridges, and other aluminum structures directly at our Canadian production plant—saving you time and money.

MAADI Group employees manufacturing an aluminum bridge

Welding engineers


Compliant and just-in-time projects

Industry 4.0

Crane lowering an aluminum footbridge into place

Installation and inspection

Our aluminum structures are known for their quick installation, whether assembled at our production plant and shipped on a trailer or delivered in containers for on-site assembly.


Inspection and qualification


Take advantage of our massive 21,000 ft2 (1,950 m2) manufacturing facility and aluminum expertise to build your custom aluminum products. Contact us to chat about how we can work together.

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