Modular Bridges

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Our adjustable-length bridge uses our patented weld-free MakeABridge® system for ultra-fast installation without heavy machinery.

Bridge in a box

  • Compact and mobile light vehicle tactical bridge, with choice of color
  • Ships in a standard container that can be transported by truck, boat, or helicopter
  • Container designed to protect components during transport and arranged for easy access once at destination
  • Includes expandable custom trailer to streamline transport of components using a utility task vehicle
Disassembled modular bridge packed in shipping container
People tightening bolts on modular bridge with standard wrench

Lightning-fast assembly

  • Lighter and easier to install than competitive steel products
  • Requires a dozen people with basic tools
  • 6-module bridge assembles in 4 hours by 13 soldiers
  • Horizontal launching system enables installation without heavy machinery
  • Step-by-step assembly and installation instructions from site preparation to bridge launching

Structurally strong

  • Designed specifically for NATO side-by-side UTV
  • Vehicular load of 5,000 lb (2,268 kg) – 3 axles
  • High-strength alloy construction using 6005A-T6, 6061-T6, AA357-T6
  • Suited to extreme cold, aluminum does not crack at low temperatures
UTV crossing modular aluminum bridge

Modular design

The LVTB-2418 modular bridge consists of up to 6 sections, allowing the length to be adjusted to the size of the obstacle to cross. Each assembled section be easily transported by a NATO vehicle using the included expandable custom trailer.

3D rendering of LVTB-2418 modular bridge
Weld-free structure
Powder coat finish
Bearing plates
Deck panels

Expertise you can count on for modular bridges

Quick shipping

Because our patented weld-free MakeABridge® system uses standard off-the-shelf components, it can be delivered anywhere in North America in 2 to 3 weeks (or 4 to 6 weeks worldwide).

Durable and lightweight aluminum

The LVTB-2418 modular bridge is made of high-strength yet lightweight aluminum alloy components, engineered to maximize load-bearing capacity with minimal
structural weight. And because it is made of aluminum, the light vehicle tactical bridge is resistant to corrosion and requires no maintenance.

Read more about why aluminum is the material of choice for our light vehicle tactical bridges in this article featured in Light Metal Age.

Award-winning innovation

The LVTB-2418 modular bridge is efficiently delivered in a container and can be easily assembled in just 4 hours with basic tools and no heavy machinery, enabling first responders to quickly traverse uneven terrain and save lives after natural disasters. Thanks to this innovation, it was awarded 1st place in the Architectural/Structural category at the 2022 Aluminum Extrusion Design Competition, organized by the Extrusion Technology Foundation.

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Industry 4.0

Our in-house metallurgical engineers use their advanced metal expertise to verify material and weld strength for state-of-the-art aluminum fusion welding.

Custom trailer

Custom trailer included with LVTB-2418 modular bridge


Plus Styles
Custom trailer adjusted to securely carry modular bridge components

Multiple configurations

Plus Styles
Red box for storing tools on trailer

Customized area for storing tools


  • Built to be transported by a utility task vehicle
  • Adapts to fit bridge and can expand in width from 6′ 6″ to 10′ 2″
    (1.83 m to 3.10 m)
  • Maximum load of 1,500 lb (680.4 kg)
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Multiple configurations

Quickly adjusts to streamline the transport of components in up to 4 different configurations.

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Guaranteed quality

Backed by 2-year limited warranty on aluminum against material failure, defects, and corrosion

Military UTV with custom trailer attached

Military and Emergency Bridges

In high-stress situations, every minute counts. That’s why you need an experienced partner on your side streamlining every detail—from weight, to ease of assembly, to transport. Our services include full engineering, technical support, and manufacturing at our plant in Canada.

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