Who We Are

MAADI Group is an independent aluminum engineering design and building firm based in Canada.

Close-up of aluminum bridge railing with MAADI Group etching

We deliver turnkey solutions for your aluminum structural needs: engineering, design, fabrication, installation, and inspection.

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Construction of landscaped main dock at Briland Club Marina

Our warranty

We stand behind the quality of our turnkey marinas, pedestrian bridges, emergency and tactical bridges, weld-free bridge decking, and other custom aluminum stuctures. That’s why all of our products are backed by a warranty against material failure, defects and corrosion.

Codes, standards

and quality

Building codes

At MAADI Group, all of our design specifications meet local, regional and national building codes and professional standards as required. All of our technical designs and calculations for our aluminum structures bear the seal of one of our engineers.

Compliance standards

MAADI Group adheres to the international standardISO 9001:2015. Our philosophy is based on the adoption of quality objectives, action plans and preventive measures to continuously improve the quality of our products and services as well as our quality management system.


MAADI Group follows the most stringent Aluminum Fusion Welding Standards. All our welders, welding operators, and tack welders adhere to stringent industry standards.


We strive to be transparent in our business dealings and carry out each of our projects professionally and with integrity. Our aluminum structures and products are recognized around the world for their quality thanks to our open and sustainable relationships with our clients and partners, which include RioTinto and CQRDA, Quebec’s aluminum R&D centre.

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MAADI Group employees manufacturing aluminum pedestrian bridges in Canada

Our backstory

MAADI Group was founded in 2005 by Alexandre de la Chevrotière, IWE, P.E. After earning a degree in Mechanical Engineering with emphasis on Naval Architecture, Alexandre acquired over 25 years of experience working extensively with aluminum, including shipbuilding, NATO destroyer retrofits, and designing and manufacturing marinas and bridges.

Over the course of more than 15 years, MAADI Group has developed unparalleled knowledge in mechanical and structural engineering, specializing in designing aluminum bridges and structures for the civil, maritime, and military industries throughout North America and Asia.

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