Weld-Free Aluminum Bridge Decking

Bridge with weld-free aluminum decking in Canada
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A game-changing solution for extending the life of bridges—or building new ones—with almost unnoticeable disruption to traffic.

Durable and tough

  • Designed to last several decades
  • Resistant to corrosion from salt water, chemicals, and pollution
  • Retains its strength even in extreme cold
  • Aluminum alloy tongue and groove anti-skid decking
  • 15-ton vehicles or less
Pedestrian bridge with weld-free aluminum decking over frozen lake
Footbridge with weld-free aluminum decking in national park

Fast installation

  • Easy-to-install clamping system that bolts directly into the planks
  • No on-site drilling or welding

Cost effective

  • Accelerated Bridge Construction (ABC) cuts down on traffic interruptions and costly traffic control
  • Lightweight aluminum reduces dead load and requires less maintenance than concrete or steel
Ideal for new bridges, existing bridge retrofits and other applications, including:
  • Pedestrian and vehicle bridges
  • Extending bridge roadway for cantilevered bike path
  • Temporary bridges
  • Military and emergency bridges
  • Maritime structures
  • Construction platforms
Footbridge with weld-free aluminum decking in Canada

Tailored designs

Our GuarDECK™ weld-free bridge decking offers a wide range of options for customization and can be easily adapted to your particular project.

3D rendering of bridge with GuarDECK weld-free aluminum bridge decking
Anti-skid planks
Clamping system
Lighting system

Expertise you can count on for aluminum bridge decking

Speedy turnaround and installation

GuarDECK™ is prefabricated in our Canadian or US plant and shipped ready to install with standard manual tools. The system uses custom aluminum hollow extrusions that attach easily to the main steel I-beams with special stainless steel fasteners and clamps. Prefabricated aluminum deck extrusions can be installed faster than other systems and require no on-site drilling or welding.

A foundation for good roads

GuarDECK™ weld-free aluminum bridge decking facilitates seamless connections between secondary roads, bike paths, trails, pathways, and other structures. It solves complex issues of deficient, narrow, or outdated bridges, providing ready-made solutions that endure. Read more about how GuarDECK™ can be used to address the challenges of aging infrastructure in Light Metal Age, a technical trade magazine.

Lighter than steel

Aluminum bridge decks are 70 to 80 percent lighter than concrete and most metal, (about 10 psf – 0.5 kPa), which makes it easier to handle and install. This lightweight, versatile material reduces dead load and offers increased bridge width and capacity without the need to strengthen supporting bridge elements. This is especially important for load-restricted bridges, historic bridges, movable bridges, and bridges with narrow roadways requiring expansions for bicycle paths or walkways.

Why Aluminum

Award-winning innovation

In addition to the hundreds of structural extruded aluminum projects we’ve designed and built, we also have numerous awards under our belt. This includes the Extrusion Technology Foundation’s Design Competition Award in the structural category, which we won for GuarDECK™ weld-free aluminum bridge decking in 2020.

Guaranteed quality

Backed by 1-year limited warranty on aluminum against material failure, defects, and corrosion

Aluminum pedestrian bridge over river in Ontario

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We’re your partner for a job well done, no matter how much (or how little) of our expertise you need. Our services include full engineering, technical support and manufacturing, planning, and installation.

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