Lower part of bridge with aluminum bridge decking

Our Aluminum Structures

Custom marinas, boat docks, pedestrian bridges, bridge decking, work platforms and other aluminum structures. Designed and built in Canada by our engineers.

Floating Docks and more

Our aluminum floating docks, gangways, floating wave attenuators and ferry landings are durable, safe and, and ready fast. Request a quote.

Durable design

Our custom-made aluminum floating docks are a durable, high-performance and environmentally friendly solution for marinas, ferry landings, and floating bridges.

Ready fast

We manufacture our commercial docks and gangways right in our Canadian plant, eliminating the need to work with a separate supplier. Plus, our large inventory on hand prevents supply chain delays.

Made with experience

In addition to the hundreds of structural extruded aluminum projects we've designed and built, we also have numerous awards under our belt. This includes the Extrusion Technology Foundation’s Design Competition Award in the structural category, which we won a 3rd time in 2022.

Certified safe

All of our design specifications meet local, regional, and national building codes and professional standards as required. All of our technical designs and calculations for our aluminum marine structures bear the seal of one of our professional engineers.
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