Floating Wave Attenuators

Aluminum wave attenuator protecting watercraft from strong waves in Florida
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Our high-performance, non-invasive floating breakwaters protect your coastline and vessels without compromising the environment.


  • Breakthrough floating system design works with nature to dissipate waves and protect marine life
  • Floating wave attenuators are ideal for a new construction or a renovation project
Why Aluminum
Aluminum wave attenuator with hardwood decking in Florida
Aluminum wave attenuator withstanding tropical storm on US coast


  • Our floating breakwaters are built tough for climate change using sustainable aluminum, withstanding winds up to 74 mph and waves up to 3 ft
  • Our floating breakwaters provide the ultimate in durability and corrosion resistance using strong aluminum alloy 6061-T6, 6005A-T6 and 5083-H321 modules with a submerged steel or marine-grade aluminum frame and vinyl panels

Eco-friendly floating breakwaters

  • Our floating wave attenuators do not obstruct water circulation and fish migration
  • Our floating wave attenuators do not trap debris or cause biofouling buildup
Large yacht moored at Florida marina

Efficient features

Our aluminum floating wave attenuators deliver high performance thanks to their expertly designed features.

3D rendering of aluminum floating wave attenuator
Vinyl panels
Track system
Decking materials

Expertise you can count on for floating wave attenuators

Environmental impact of floating wave attenuators

Traditional wave attenuators, with their stone rubble mounds or concrete slopes, require massive sub-surface soil foundations and have large ecological footprints that can obstruct water circulation and fish migration. Rubber tire wave attenuators can cause fouling growth and litter entrapment, and have instability, inadequate buoyancy and anchoring problems.

Floating breakwaters like the ones designed by MAADI Group successfully eliminate these adverse environmental effects. Throughout North America and the Caribbean, our breakthrough design works with nature to dissipate waves and remain unscathed.

Greater stability through custom aluminum extrusions

MAADI Group’s superior design and quality fabrication improves the performance and reliability of floating breakwaters by using custom aluminum extrusion that combines internal links with increased torsional rigidity and high section modulus.

Guaranteed quality

Backed by 2-year limited warranty on aluminum against material failure, defects, and corrosion

Turnkey aluminum marina with integrated landscaping features in the Bahamas

Marine Constructions

We’re your partner for a job well done, no matter how much (or how little) of our expertise you need. Our services include full engineering, technical support and manufacture, planning, and installation.

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