Canadian Army Orders MakeABridge Infantry Assault Bridge

January 18, 2016

Military ATV driving over lightweight aluminum bridge in cold weather conditions

January 18, 2016—Boucherville, Québec, CANADA – The MakeABridge® modular, weld-free aluminum pedestrian bridge system designed by the MAADI Group, Inc. Engineering Design and Build firm, has been purchased by the Canadian Army. The bridge will be launched as an Infantry Assault Bridge (IAB) that will be mobile and fully operational, to transport troops and light equipment to remote sites on rough terrain. The Canadian Army will use the MakeABridge lightweight aluminum structure in non-combat capacities on humanitarian missions such as earthquake relief in Haiti, Tsunami relief in Japan, and to navigate flooded areas in New Foundland that would otherwise be inaccessible. The MAB will undergo extensive testing to prepare for deployment.

The MakeABridge modular structures will soon be in full-scale production at MAADI Group’s new manufacturing operations in Boucherville, Québec, Canada. An automated production line and quality testing lab facilities for the MakeABridge system will enable mass-production and fast delivery to difficult-to-access sites. MAADI Group offers manufacturing of MAB’s interlocking components that are pre-assembled, packed and shipped 8 to 12 times faster than conventional welded footbridge structures.

The Canadian Army’s customized MakeABridge is 18 288 mm (60’-0”) in length, and has a clear width of 1 524 mm (60”). This MAB features non-slip extruded aluminum decking with aluminum kick plates and midrail. The footbridge will utilize its own launching system provided by the MAADI Group engineering team. The aluminum truss structure, floor decking and railing system is constructed in “Meccano-style” kit modules to facilitate easy assembly, transport and installation. The aluminum components will not rust, warp, degrade or become brittle over time, even in extreme weather and climate conditions. MakeABridge pedestrian bridges are ideal for applications on or near coastlines, utility sites and remote areas where the Canadian Army needs emergency access that is essential to saving lives and property.

The Canadian Army cites aluminum’s lighter weight and mobility with no maintenance as the main reasons MakeABridge is ideal for civil disaster-relief applications. The ability of MakeABridge to be quickly assembled and disassembled enables the Canadian Army to achieve faster, more responsive troop movements whether launching the Infantry Assault Bridge for combat initiatives, or for urgently-needed humanitarian missions around the world.

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