Custom Gangways

Custom aluminum gangway in the Bahamas leading to dock where yacht is moored
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Our custom gangways are built to your specifications and designed to beautify your waterfront.

Durable investment

  • Natural finish is resistant to corrosion from salt water, chemicals, and pollution
  • Built with high-strength marine grade extruded aluminum alloy to last decades with no maintenance required
Aluminum gangway with LED lighting in Florida city waterfront
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Eye appeal

  • Integrates well with new construction and retrofits of existing structures
  • Refined feel with high-quality materials and careful attention to details

Cost effective

  • Includes complete engineering services, eliminating all of the costly phases of design, customized production and approval generally required by a third party
  • Low maintenance and highly cost-effective, compared with steel when total cost of ownership (TCO) is considered
Why Aluminum
Custom gangway leading over sand and rocks in national park in Canada

Tailored design

With a wide range of options, our custom aluminum gangways feature a pony-truss design and are precision-made to your specifications by our top-grade professional engineers .

3D rendering of custom gangway
Transition plates
Decking materials
Lighting system
Kick plates

Expertise you can count on for custom gangways

Speedy turnaround

We manufacture our aluminum docks and gangways right in our Canadian plant, eliminating the need to work with a separate supplier. Plus, our large inventory on hand prevents supply chain delays.

Experienced engineers

In addition to the hundreds of structural extruded aluminum projects we’ve designed and built, we also have numerous awards under our belt. This includes the Extrusion Technology Foundation’s Design Competition Award in the structural category, which we won a 3rd time in 2022.

Built to code

All of our design specifications meet local, regional, and national building codes and professional standards as required. All of our technical designs and calculations for our aluminum marine structures bear the seal of one of our professional engineers.

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Guaranteed quality

Backed by 15-year limited warranty on aluminum against material failure, defects, and corrosion

Turnkey aluminum marina with integrated landscaping features in the Bahamas

Marine Constructions

We’re your partner for a job well done, no matter how much (or how little) of our expertise you need. Our services include full engineering, technical support and manufacturing, planning, and installation.

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Want more details? Download our technical information about our products. And feel free to contact us with any questions!

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