CFB Petawawa Tactical Bridge

Modular Bridges
Ontario, Canada
5 people launching modular tactical bridge horizontally across a river

Project Specifications

The Canadian Army is often called upon to respond to natural disasters, and it needed new support bridges to help them cross gaps quickly. Our modular bridge in a box, neatly packed in a shipping container, provides ultimate flexibility in times of crisis and can be transported by truck, boat or helicopter. The 6-module LVTB-2418 typically assembles in just 4 hours by 13 soldiers and requires no heavy machinery to install. Each assembled section can be easily transported by a NATO vehicle using the included expandable custom trailer.

Modular Bridges


Military and Emergency Bridges


Up to 6 modules

From 26' 3" to 78' 9" (8 m to 24 m)

Overall span

7' 2" (2.18 m)

Clear width

Load capacity

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