Bridge Designer MAADI Group Highlighted in La Presse Affaires

September 16, 2015

September 16, 2015 – Boucherville, Québec, CANADA – The engineering design and build firm MAADI Group, of Boucherville, has added the manufacturing of aluminum structures to its engineering operations since the firm left downtown Montréal, according to the September 15 La Presse Affaires article on SMEs in Longueuil, Québec. MAADI Group is featured with local SMEs in La Presse Affaires as an experienced design engineering firm that has opened new manufacturing operations in the Boucherville industrial park.

MAADI Group’s 100% aluminum pedestrian bridge and barges are mentioned for projects in Western Canada, the U.S. and Asia. The article on SMEs in Longueuil industrial zones cites MAADI Group’s founding in 2005 in the Centech incubator ETS. MAADI Group was supported by the Centre for aluminum research and development of Québec (CQRDA).

The La Presse Affaires article was published following the MAADI Group Grand Opening held in Boucherville on July 17, an event that brought together stakeholders from local government and the business sector, as well as customers, partners, and supporters. The Grand Opening event featured a tour of the company’s new manufacturing facilities and an introduction to the company’s premier patented product, the weld-free modular aluminum pedestrian bridge system known as MakeABridge®.

MAADI Group founder and president, Alexandre de la Chevrotière, P. Eng., commented for the La Presse Affaires article: “We carry out projects for some customers in Québec, but the market here is not very open to aluminum.” explained de la Chevrotière. “Aluminum has three major advantages: it is lightweight, it does not corrode, and it requires little maintenance.”

De la Chevrotière is pleased to receive this news coverage, “We are most gratified to be featured in this article on Longueuil businesses and their growing impact on Québec. The SMEs featured in La Presse Affaires point to an uptick in manufacturing and industrial activities in the region, which is a very good trand for Québecers. We work to continue this resurgence in industrial manufacturing, especially because we are in the heart of Québec’s aluminum corridor. Setting up our factory operations has been a major undertaking, and we are determined to grow our business not only in Québec, but also worldwide!”

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