MakeABridge Case Study in Construction Canada

July 01, 2011

System of aluminum gangway kits and stairs leading to spa boat in winter in Montreal, Canada

The MAADI Group engineering firm’s installation of its patented MakeABridge pedestrian access bridges at the Bota Bota Spa sur l’eau luxury spa boat is profiled in the July issue of Construction Canada, the official publication of Construction Specifications Canada.


July 1, 2011—MONTREAL, CANADA – The trade publication article discusses the multiple MakeABridge® installations at the spa site, the Quays of the Old Port of Montreal, Québec.

The in-depth case study reports how the MakeABridge pedestrian bridge provides the main access entryway from the spa boat’s barge to the land, as well as providing four emergency exit footbridges for the Bota Bota floating spa. MakeABridge’s interlocking extruded aluminum construction and lightweight structural strength are highlighted in the case study, including details of the unique aspects of its customized installation.

MAADI Group president and CEO, Alexandre de la Chevrotière is delighted with editorial coverage of the MakeABridge aluminum truss bridge structure in this top Canadian trade publication, which according to the publishers, “speaks the technical language of building design” to top building design and construction professionals. “We are very gratified that our MakeABridge design is being recognized by the trade press as a noteworthy way to re-invent sustainable bridge building,” states de la Chevrotière.

“MAADI Group is especially pleased that the editors of Construction Canada view this unique installation of our modular aluminum Meccano-style bridge design as highly newsworthy for architects and builders in real-world civil engineering projects,” de la Chevrotière notes, “We are confident that MakeABridge pedestrian bridges will continue to broaden the bridge building spectrum by reaching key architectural professionals and product specifiers with a more sustainable option for commercial and institutional infrastructure. We are committed to modernizing the way bridges are built through design innovation, using sustainable and recyclable materials such as aluminum to transform pedestrian bridge structures throughout North America and around the world,” says de la Chevrotière.

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