MakeABridge Modular Pedestrian Bridgemaker Launches Production

June 15, 2015

MAADI Group, the Engineering Design/Build firm, is launching full-scale production of its premier product, MakeABridge, the modular weld-free aluminum pedestrian bridge system of quick-shipment bridge units at its new manufacturing operations in Boucherville, Québec, Canada.


June 15, 2015—Boucherville, Québec, CANADA – The facility houses automated production equipment and a quality testing lab for the lightweight aluminum MakeABridgeTM system, designed for fast delivery anywhere in the world, even to remote-access job sites. MAADI Group offers full technical support and in-house manufacturing and production, pre-assembly, packing and shipping of MAB bridges, 8 to 12 times faster than conventional welded footbridge structures.

Customizable options for the versatile, modular footbridge units include: bridge end configurations; guardrails; floor decking materials; mill or architectural finishes; versatile structural connection systems; and more options. Choice of span lengths from 3.0 to 18.0 meters (10′ to 60’), and clear widths are available from 1.0 to 1.8 meters (3’ to 6’).

The MakeABridge “Meccano®-style” modular bridge system can be mobile and temporary or permanent, according to the desired application. MAADI Group is ISO 9001:2008 accredited and certified to the highest quality standards, and all MAB extruded and cast aluminum components are fabricated by confident partners and processed in-house. The MakeABridgeTM units provide sustainable pedestrian bridge infrastructure, quick-shipped in pallets on standard-size trailers for ground transport, or to be packed into shipping containers for shipment overseas and installed in just hours by a few workers, without specialized labor or equipment.

MakeABridge is used on golf courses and recreational trails, campuses, office complexes, factory and plant floors, and may be cantilevered onto existing roadway bridges for dedicated walking/biking lanes. Mass-production at the Boucherville facility will yield Make-A-Bridge structures with a dead load capacity of 44 to 73 kg/m2 (9 to 15 pounds per square foot) that accommodate up to 1.5-metric-ton vehicles (i.e., golf carts, ATVs, snowmobiles), with a deflection between L/500 and L/240.

“We are set for full-scale in-house production of MakeABridge pedestrian bridge modules to meet the needs of the new commercial, civil, industrial, and recreational construction and renovation industries,” said Alex de la Chevrotière, P.Eng., President of MAADI Group, Inc., “We control production quality of our premier MAB product to the highest industry codes and standards. We believe that our MAB’s cost and material advantages yield superior results for long-term durability with no costly maintenance. Customizable options are easy to accommodate in automated production: any design specification or option can be met quickly and delivered efficiently to better serve our customers.”

The Make-A-Bridge production facility houses 6,000 square feet of industrial manufacturing space. The MAADI Group Engineering team supervises MAB production of all aluminum structural components. The facility processes the MAB modules ready for assembly. Quality control is supervised on the production floor by on-site MAADI Group Registered Professional Engineers.

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