Vote for MakeABridge in MONTRÉAL F1RST Contest!

December 17, 2010

MakeABridge is the premiere pedestrian bridge system that is engineered in modules that are bundled ready for assembly. Support our award-winning structural product as we compete for the Montréal F1RST best innovation in the Engineering category.


Vote for MakeABridgeı and tell your colleagues! MAADI Group, the creators behind MakeABridge strive to provide the most versatile and innovative infrastructure available for commercial, industrial and institutional use, both indoors and outdoors. High-strength aluminum Make-A-Bridge® brings the greenest attributes of reuse and recycling to bridge enhancements, skywalks, bicycle and hiking paths, fire escapes, marina gangways, and interior corridors – a multitude of possibilities in one innovative product that offers customized options for every need.

Thank you for supporting our innovation and entrepreneurship in Montréal since 2003!

Cast your vote now for MakeABridge.

See Engineering category: “F1rst Metropolis to have Bridges and Skyways that come in kits ready for assembly”

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