Old Port Cove Marina

Floating Wave Attenuators
Florida, USA
Aluminum floating wave attenuator used as slippage for large yachts in Florida

Project Specifications

As part of a turnkey marina project for a private boat club  in Florida, we used wave attenuators as a way to not only protect the shoreline and vessels, but also create boat slips. The floating breakwaters, combined with the finger docks, accommodate small to luxury mega yachts and appeal to a refined esthetic, with hardwood decking and sleek custom features.

Floating wave attenuators


Marine constructions


245 Series

Dock system



60 slips


Steel piles

Anchoring system

60' to 200' (18.3 to 61 m)

Overall boat length

Load capacity

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Floating Wave Attenuators

High-performance design that protects valuable coastline and vessels without compromising the environment.

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