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New York, USA
Custom pedestrian bridge used indoors in medical center in New York

Project Specifications

Two hospital buildings in New York City needed a structure to join them together, but due to an easement agreement, nothing permanent could be installed. We designed and built a custom aluminum bridge that can be demounted into three pieces and quickly removed using a hoist and trolley system. Besides the handrail on each side, two crash rails with aluminum square mesh secure the bridge for passing gurneys. Because the bridge would need to be installed in a very tight space, we designed nylon slings along rigging points on the bridge to ease the installation process. The pre-assembled bridge was then delivered by flatbed truck to be installed by the construction contractor, who used a high-capacity forklift to install the bridge as one unit onto the fittings.

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Bridge style

36' 8" (11.2 m)

Overall span

8' 2" (2.5 m)

Clear width

Load capacity

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